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Are you a candidate wanting to join the ‘Martin family’? We have a range of temp and permanent jobs; from forklift and reach hoist drivers and through to packers.

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‘Hit the ground running’ with your own recruitment franchise. As a Martin Personnel franchisee you will have access to a proven business model that will allow you to reap the rewards of your own hard work.

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Being all about people, we figure that if we share the same kind of values as you, then we are a good match. So whether you are a business looking for a recruitment partner to help hire great people or a candidate looking to work for a great business, the same is true. ‘Great fit’ will always come down to alignment of values, beliefs and behaviours.

We are a recruitment agency based in Auckland and Christchurch, specialising in employment in manufacturing, logistics and related sectors. We are well-loved for temporary recruitment, however we also help with permanent job placements.

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11 Jun

Is a recruitment franchise opportunity right for you?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that will help you hit the ground running as a business owner? This article explains how you don't necessarily need a background in recruitment to be a Martin Personnel franchisee.

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22 Apr

Crafting a standout CV – 10 tips for landing your ideal job

The saying ‘first impressions count’ is as true in the competitive landscape of job hunting as it is with the rest of life. Your curriculum vitae (CV) is the first impression you’ll be giving potential employers. It’s the path to securing interviews and ultimately landing the job you are after. Crafting a standout CV is

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26 Feb

The role of soft skills in hiring for the manufacturing and logistics sectors

Learn about the important soft skills when hiring in the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

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