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Our job is to make your job easier. That means helping you avoid being ‘hit and miss’ when you hire staff. As recruitment experts we can reduce your work load by assisting you to hire the right people at the right time.

We have been one of the leading ‘go to’ temp agencies within manufacturing, logistics and associated sectors for many years. Plenty of our associates progress to permanent job placements with our clients. We understand your world – the unique demands and environments in these sectors and the importance of health & safety. We’d love to find you people that are right ‘on target’ for your requirements.

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Being ‘all about people’, we are all about the match. Not just matching the right candidates to the right jobs…also, ensuring there is a good fit between Martin Personnel and our clients. Take a look at our values when you read ‘about us’ and if they look similar to yours, then we should chat.

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Relax – here’s why you are in good hands with us

3 of the ways we’ll help you feel supported with your recruitment needs, allowing you to spend time and energy on tasks you enjoy:

  1. Strong client relationships – we build long term relationships with our clients so that they have a recruitment partner they can rely on
  2. Save time, less paperwork – an online portal allows you to validate our staff on your site, approve hours and share invoices for approval. The paperless system has been designed for easier management of variable labour requirements at the same time as meeting all your compliance and legal obligations
  3. We put people first – whether you are a client or a candidate, Chief Executive or Assistant… you will be not be treated like a number. We value you as an individual and are always ready to hear your feedback, take you seriously and if necessary, make things right. We also believe happy candidates equals happy clients.

Updates for clients

26 Feb

The role of soft skills in hiring for the manufacturing and logistics sectors

Learn about the important soft skills when hiring in the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

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09 Aug

Health & safety in the workplace is a key part of wellbeing

The most basic definition of wellbeing is ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’. Employers and employees alike will not achieve that state if they have doubts or concerns about health & safety (H&S) at work. Whether business owner or employee, everyone at a workplace should be able to return home to their family

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29 May

New employees – 5 ways to make them feel welcome and settled in

Whether welcoming a new temp or permanent employee, there are some simple things that hiring managers and workplaces can do to help new employees settle into their new environment and feel welcome. Getting things off to a great start for a new team member is important because it sets the tone and communicates a lot

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