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09 Aug

Health & safety in the workplace is a key part of wellbeing

The most basic definition of wellbeing is ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy’. Employers and employees alike will not achieve that state if they have doubts or concerns about health & safety (H&S) at work. Whether business owner or employee, everyone at a workplace should be able to return home to their family

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29 May

New employees – 5 ways to make them feel welcome and settled in

Whether welcoming a new temp or permanent employee, there are some simple things that hiring managers and workplaces can do to help new employees settle into their new environment and feel welcome. Getting things off to a great start for a new team member is important because it sets the tone and communicates a lot

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13 Oct

Interviewing candidates – 10 tips for hiring managers

Conducting interviews for new employees is a skill that many people are not formally taught. Instead, many hiring managers just pick it up along the way through trial and error.  To help you fast-track acquiring good interview practices, these tips below have been prepared to highlight some of the basic elements that create optimal conditions for successful hiring.

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26 Jul

5 recruiting tips to create job ads and draw in the right candidates

Perfecting a job advertisement to attract more applicants is more important than ever in the current climate of a tight labour market. We help our clients recruit the right candidates by advertising on their behalf and making sure all the elements mentioned in the tips below are covered.  Sometimes job vacancies are broadcast via various

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17 Nov

Benefits of practicing gratitude and 5 ideas how to incorporate in your daily life

One easy way to boost for people to boost their mood is to focus on what they have to be thankful for rather than anything they ‘lack’ in their life.   You don’t have to practice yoga, meditation or follow any particular sort of beliefs to enjoy the benefits from practicing being grateful every day. It

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11 Mar

The easy solution to high temp staff turnover or unreliable temps… treat them fairly

This is the plain and simple answer to every employer’s constant headache of searching for replacement temp staff at the last minute. Better still, to completely take the headache out of it, let Martin Personnel ensure they are being treated fairly on your behalf. The more satisfied and happy temp staff are, the more likely

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05 Mar

Individuals Working Together

Life can be a lonely road when you travel it alone. All of us long for social interaction and to feel part of something bigger and more meaningful than our own lives.

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31 Oct

Make it Right – how our clients’ factor into this key value

We believe our first value is a key differentiator for Martin Personnel – Make it Right (the ‘M’ in the Martin Personnel MARTIN values matrix). In our line of business, we deal with people. People that work for Martin Personnel in various roles across Sales, Operations and Finance. We interact with customers whose roles include that same

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