29 May

New employees – 5 ways to make them feel welcome and settled in

Whether welcoming a new temp or permanent employee, there are some simple things that hiring managers and workplaces can do to help new employees settle into their new environment and feel welcome. Getting things off to a great start for a new team member is important because it sets the tone and communicates a lot

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22 Mar

How to get a job when there are gaps in your CV

and how they may even help you… A common worry amongst job hunters is whether the gaps in their CV are going to be obstacles that get in the way of them successfully landing a new job. This article provides some helpful insight into this topic along with some practical suggestions of how you can

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08 Nov

5 benefits of owning a franchise 

Do you love the thought of owning your own business? Owning a franchise could be the answer to getting up and running instantly! As a franchisee you can operate a business using the franchisors business model.

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13 Oct

Interviewing candidates – 10 tips for hiring managers

Conducting interviews for new employees is a skill that many people are not formally taught. Instead, many hiring managers just pick it up along the way through trial and error.  To help you fast-track acquiring good interview practices, these tips below have been prepared to highlight some of the basic elements that create optimal conditions for successful hiring.

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26 Jul

5 recruiting tips to create job ads and draw in the right candidates

Perfecting a job advertisement to attract more applicants is more important than ever in the current climate of a tight labour market. We help our clients recruit the right candidates by advertising on their behalf and making sure all the elements mentioned in the tips below are covered.  Sometimes job vacancies are broadcast via various

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23 Mar

Why don’t you work for yourself?

This opportunity could be a great way of feeling supported in the transition If there is one issue this pandemic has surfaced, it’s that there are challenges in employment relationships whether you are employer or employee. They’re different but equally challenging.  Having had experience on both sides of the employment relationship I’ve developed some thoughts on

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09 Mar

Working locally might just be the perfect balance

Covid-19 has had a major impact on the way we all work. The average number of monthly Google searches on “work from home jobs” is up by 900% compared with 12 months ago. Clearly there is more demand for jobs that allow workers more family time. It is often not until people start working from

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17 Nov

Benefits of practicing gratitude and 5 ideas how to incorporate in your daily life

One easy way to boost for people to boost their mood is to focus on what they have to be thankful for rather than anything they ‘lack’ in their life.   You don’t have to practice yoga, meditation or follow any particular sort of beliefs to enjoy the benefits from practicing being grateful every day. It

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23 Sep

Speak up and express your needs successfully... by expanding your personal power

Following on from our original article about ways to boost self-esteem, this article explores the ‘power of speaking up and expressing your needs’. The first thing to consider is what the result of not speaking up and expressing your needs is. There are many consequences that will prevent you from moving forward and growing as an individual,

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19 Aug

Power of thought – you are what you think!

Thoughts, self-talk or whatever you call it, are so tied in with beliefs, that when you change your thinking, only then can you change your beliefs. ‘Why might I want to change my beliefs?’ you may ask. Well, changing your beliefs is the key to unlocking your full potential. No doubt you would have heard

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